Small Groups & Classes



Small Groups

We encourage everyone at Devonshire to be a part of a small group. “Why?” … You may ask. We believe that the Christian life is meant to be a shared life. We are called to encourage one another to love and good deeds (Heb. 10:25), to carry one another’s burdens (Gal. 6:2), and to exercise our spiritual gifts for the building up of the body of Christ, the church. This kind of fellowship isn’t practical for our Sunday morning gatherings. Our desire is that everyone experiences Christian community where you are being encouraged, prayed with, and prayed for.

Here at Devonshire, our small groups range in size from 6 to 15 individuals. These groups meet regularly to ask one another about the challenges of our daily lives and seek to find, through prayer and Bible study, how God is working in us and through us as we face the tests of life. This involves not only prayer, counsel, and encouragement but also helping one another with practical needs such as meals for a family with a newborn or networking to help an individual locate a job.


Our groups typically last two to three months, and kick off in September and January.  Each year, members are asked to commit to a group (don’t worry, it just means making the group a priority in your schedule and coming whenever possible).  We typically break during the summer months.

Most groups meet weekly.  Each group meeting may look differently, but you’ll usually see some time of prayer together, and discussing how a portion of scripture applies to our lives.  Groups often serve in the community together, and are encouraged to have some fun too!


If you are not currently in a Small Group and would like to be, send an email to let us know! We’d love to assist you in getting plugged into an environment where you can experience Christian fellowship.



A new Sunday morning class is beginning on April 14 in the Fellowship Hall at 9:00am. Jesus’ disciples could’ve asked Him to teach them to walk on water. Instead, they said, ‘Teach us to pray.’ In this six-part video series, Ioannis Dekas walks us through the Lord’s Prayer so we too can learn how to pray. This class will be led by Jordan Ames.

Jesus died for us so that he could be alive in us today. Easter changes everything.

Adult Classes (Sundays, 9 am, ): Looking for a place to connect with others through the study of God’s Word? Join this class and find encouragement for life as you apply God’s Word to your life, connect with others, and encourage each other through prayer & fellowship.

A new Wednesday evening Bible Study will begin on April 10 in the church library at 6:45pm.  The focus of this study will be on  ”The Parables of Jesus”, an in-depth video study connecting the Bible to life. Sign up below or contact David or Kathleen Pra ([email protected]) to let them know of your interest.