Next Steps



Our goal at Devonshire is to help people find and follow Jesus Christ.  Everyone comes from a unique set of circumstances, but we all share one thing: a life-long journey of pursuing Christ.  What does that mean?  It means that no matter where you are, there is always a “next step”.

But we don’t have to do it alone!  Using the information below, find what step you are at right now.  We’d love to talk to find out more about where you are, and what your “next step” might be!


You’re here, looking into things like God, the church, and how you fit into this all.  That’s great!  And we’d love to get to know you and answer your questions. We hope that you find that Devonshire is a place where you can connect and belong:


Get Connected:

  • Attend Sunday worship services
  • Attend the Christianity Explored Course
  • Commit your life to Christ
  • Connect with a one-to-one,  Multiply partner
  • Pursue baptism as a public profession of faith

NO-TEXT-Next-Steps-individual-steps-buttons-GROWINGI’M GROWING

You’ve made the decision to follow Christ with your life, and now you’re learning to trust God with every area of your life… your family, your future, your dreams, your finances, your career, even your safety. Now it’s about becoming more like Jesus.



Next Steps:

  • Attend New Member Orientation
  • Become a Devonshire Church member
  • Join a Lifegroup, for community, care, and spiritual growth.
  • Find a short-term group (Sunday School) for biblical instruction.
  • Read and study the Bible daily individually and with others.
  • Pray daily and pray corporately.


NO-TEXT-Next-Steps-individual-steps-buttons-GOINGI’M GOING

You’ve been equipped and you’re ready to follow God’s purposes for your life and be a blessing.  Your life has been changed by the Gospel, and you want others to experience the same amazing grace!



Next Steps:

  • Find a ministry in the local church to serve
  • Multiply, reach out to individuals in your community. Lead a one-to-one , Multiply partner
  • Lead others to Christ
  • Help others take next steps


Next-Steps-QUESTIONSo what’s your next step?

Send us a message and let us know how we can take our next steps together!