Adult Ministries

Adult Ministries strive to provide opportunities for each adult at Devonshire to become more like Jesus. Our primary areas of ministry are focused on biblical instruction (Sunday school) and spiritual growth through community (Small Groups).

We also schedule seasonal opportunities for adults, including specific Bible studies for women and men, and the Men’s Softball Team.

Small Groups

Small Groups are a laboratory for spiritual growth, where you dig deeper and participate in conversation. Groups meet weekly throughout the year, in homes all over the Harrisburg area.

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reengage thumbnailre|engage – Married Ministry

We want to be pro-active in our strategy to build strong, healthy marriages.  God calls us to love above all else, and this has to start in our homes.  It takes work, but it can be fun!

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Sundayschool thumbnailSunday School

Classes that are scheduled during the Sunday school hour (9:00-10:15am) aim to provide biblical instruction by studying the Bible and finding practical applications for it in our lives today.

 mens_womensMen’s and Women’s Groups

Every few months, we schedule events and studies for both men and women.  Check the pages below for details on the next opportunity.

Bible Course – Understanding the Scriptures

This course provides a general introduction to the story and significance of the Bible, the foundational book of the Christian faith and one of the world’s greatest works of literature.  Students will examine the Bible’s nature, purpose, and authority; its historical narrative, cultural background, literary structure, and main theological concepts. Major emphasis is placed on understanding the overall storyline of the Bible as one grand narrative of redemption. It is intended as a foundation level course, suitable for those who have no previous knowledge of the Bible or Christian thought. 

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Busy Bee Corner

BUSY BEE CORNER Why not stop by our Busy Bee Corner table (located by the Little Lambs entrance) to see if there might be a handcrafted item you would like to purchase? All items are donated and all proceeds go toward the building fund. If you do crafting and would like to donate an item,…

Choir Ministry Opportunity

    Choir Ministry Opportunity Have a love for singing? Join together with others for the purpose of lifting up the name of Jesus and encouraging the church family through the gift of music. If you would like to participate in the choir ministry, please contact Mike Colvin (call/text 717-350-5787).  

Children and Youth Worker Ministry Guidelines Meeting

Children & Youth Worker Ministry Guidelines Meeting If you are involved are serving or would like to serve in the children’s and/or youth ministry, please mark your calendar for an important meeting that will be held Sunday, September 13, at 9 am (during the Sunday school hour) in the fellowship hall. At this meeting, important…

CPR/First Aid Course

    CPR/FIRST AID COURSE On Monday, October 5, we are holding a CPR/ First aid Course which is recommended for all who work with our children and youth. The cost for the course is $25 and upon completion you will be certified by the American Heart Association for two years. If you are interested…