Adult Ministries

Adult Ministries strive to provide opportunities for each adult at Devonshire to become more like Jesus. Our primary areas of ministry are focused on biblical instruction (Sunday school) and spiritual growth through community (Small Groups).

We also schedule seasonal opportunities for adults, including specific Bible studies for women and men, and the Men’s Softball Team.

Small Groups

Small Groups are a laboratory for spiritual growth, where you dig deeper and participate in conversation. Groups meet weekly throughout the year, in homes all over the Harrisburg area.

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reengage thumbnailre|engage – Married Ministry

We want to be pro-active in our strategy to build strong, healthy marriages.  God calls us to love above all else, and this has to start in our homes.  It takes work, but it can be fun!

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Sundayschool thumbnailSunday School

Classes that are scheduled during the Sunday school hour (9:00-10:15am) aim to provide biblical instruction by studying the Bible and finding practical applications for it in our lives today.

 mens_womensMen’s and Women’s Groups

Every few months, we schedule events and studies for both men and women.  Check the pages below for details on the next opportunity.

Bible Course – Understanding the Scriptures

This course provides a general introduction to the story and significance of the Bible, the foundational book of the Christian faith and one of the world’s greatest works of literature.  Students will examine the Bible’s nature, purpose, and authority; its historical narrative, cultural background, literary structure, and main theological concepts. Major emphasis is placed on understanding the overall storyline of the Bible as one grand narrative of redemption. It is intended as a foundation level course, suitable for those who have no previous knowledge of the Bible or Christian thought. 

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Sermon Discussion Questions (3.2.14)

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR REFLECTION AND DISCUSSION SEEING JESUS: The Call (Mark 1:14-20) What is the “good news” according to Jesus? What might this kingdom mean to the disciples? What is repentance? What does it mean to believe? Why does Jesus call us to both repentance and believing the good news? If the disciples show what…

Last Weekend Recap & This Coming Sunday

In Matthew 5:16, Jesus said, “Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” Devonshire Church family, I’m writing to share some updates on some wonderful things that happened over the past week, and to give some information regarding this coming weekend. COMMUNITY SERVICE DAY…

Journey to the Cross: A Free Devotional Guide

Journey to the Cross: A Free Devotional Guide Lent strikes many Protestants as the exclusive domain of Roman Catholics, but this season can serve any Christian as a unique time of preparation and repentance as we anticipate the death and resurrection of Jesus. On the Christian calendar, Lent (from Latin, meaning “fortieth”) is the 40…

Sermon Discussion Questions (2.23.14)

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR REFLECTION AND DISCUSSION SEEING JESUS: An Introduction (Mark 1:1-13) Who introduced you to Jesus? When did Jesus Christ become more than just a religious figure or “cuss word” to you? In Mark 1:1-13, we talked about seeing Jesus as the Christ, God’s Beloved Son, the Promised One who has come to save,…