Adult Ministries

Adult Ministries strive to provide opportunities for each adult at Devonshire to become more like Jesus. Our primary areas of ministry are focused on biblical instruction (Sunday school) and spiritual growth through community (Small Groups).

We also schedule seasonal opportunities for adults, including specific Bible studies for women and men, and the Men’s Softball Team.

Small Groups

Small Groups are a laboratory for spiritual growth, where you dig deeper and participate in conversation. Groups meet weekly throughout the year, in homes all over the Harrisburg area.

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reengage thumbnailre|engage – Married Ministry

We want to be pro-active in our strategy to build strong, healthy marriages.  God calls us to love above all else, and this has to start in our homes.  It takes work, but it can be fun!

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Sundayschool thumbnailSunday School

Classes that are scheduled during the Sunday school hour (9:00-10:15am) aim to provide biblical instruction by studying the Bible and finding practical applications for it in our lives today.

 mens_womensMen’s and Women’s Groups

Every few months, we schedule events and studies for both men and women.  Check the pages below for details on the next opportunity.

Bible Course – Understanding the Scriptures

This course provides a general introduction to the story and significance of the Bible, the foundational book of the Christian faith and one of the world’s greatest works of literature.  Students will examine the Bible’s nature, purpose, and authority; its historical narrative, cultural background, literary structure, and main theological concepts. Major emphasis is placed on understanding the overall storyline of the Bible as one grand narrative of redemption. It is intended as a foundation level course, suitable for those who have no previous knowledge of the Bible or Christian thought. 

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Items for Sale

There are a few items (oil tank, boiler, garage door/opener, and dishwasher) for sale or donation that were saved during the process of the demolition of 5619 Devon Drive property. If you or someone you know is interested please contact the church office. Below are the links to Craigslist for the information on these items:…

TIME CHANGE: River Service & Directions

INVITE A FRIEND AND BRING A DISH TO SHARE … We’re moving the river service time to 4:30 pm, and you won’t want to be late as we look forward to a great evening together celebrating God’s grace as we hear testimonies, witness baptisms, pray together and enjoy a cookout on the Juniata River. DIRECTIONS…

Special Speaker: Susan Vigliano of Peace Promise

Please join us for the Sunday School hour (9 am) on July 13 when Susan Vigliano of Peace Promise will be here to raise awareness about human trafficking in our local area and how we can get involved to help stop this modern day slavery. Peace Promise has as it’s mission raising awareness about the horrors of human sex trafficking in the general…

The Story | Week 9 | You Don’t Have to Wait to Be Accepted

Chapter 9 / You Don’t Have to Wait to Be Accepted Two sons, two rounds of college applications.  Most recently our younger son Taylor scoured the literature from several universities, finally narrowing his choices.  You know the routine.  Visit campuses. Choose a few schools to focus on.  Make applications.  Fill out forms.  Write essays. For…