New Women’s Series – Living Your Destiny

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Living Your Destiny

Sundays at 9:00 am, beginning July 30th

You only have one life to live… don’t miss it!  Listen as five outstanding Bible teachers and women of faith share from the heart on how to live the life God destined for you.  Whether it is overcoming shame, learning to leave the past behind, or finding that clear vision for your life – there is someone’s voice, testimony, bible teaching principle in this series that you are destined to hear.

Each of these speakers is impactful, spiritual, passionate and called to share the truth of God’s Word in ways that will captivate your heart in you personal quest to be who God called you to be!  There is only one you, and your life will touch others as no one else’s can.  Find your fulfillment and purpose and see what God does through you while you’re Living Your Destiny!

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Author: Brent McClintock

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